The Swiss St. Bernard Club


On March 15, 1884 has Heinrich Schumacher, butcher and landlord in Holligen in Bern - he sold the students a drinkable wine - wrote a letter to, at that time barely a year old, SKG that he tried to portray the history of St. Bernard, as far as they was known to him.

Schumacher was the first, who breed the St. Bernard; he laid in 1867 its own studbook to number bred dogs from him and put them in pedigrees.

Is it a coincidence or not, the fact is that on the same day as Schumacher wrote his letter to the SKG, so on 15 March 1884 in the Veltlinerhalle in Basel the Swiss St. Bernard Club was founded. For the founding meeting had Dr. B. Siegmund, abattoir manager in Basel, and Dr. Th. Künzli, St.Gallen convened. The founding protocol no longer exists, but rather a brief report in the "animal cards».

Even a year later, namely from May 29 to June 1, 1885
an international dogshow took place in Basel, at which the considerable number issued by 81 St. Bernard-Dogs.

In February 1884, the Swiss Dog Stud Book was opened. No. 1 of the registered dogs was the St. Bernard "Léon", a dog of unknown origin, bought by B. Siegmund of "fahrenden Comödianten" and probably by "Eggerscher Race" as Siegmund wrote on a picture of the dog.